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How will I know whether I can afford to buy a property?

A Financial Advisor recommended by Wynyard Homes, your bank or someone who you already know and trust will talk you through your income, expenditure and savings which will enable them to calculate your affordability and amount of deposit you will need to purchase.


What is a credit score?

Before any reservation can be taken we always ensure that a credit score is run and that a decision is agreed in principal, by a mortgage provider. This is the lender saying that subject to confirmation of what you have already advised them and valuation, they are happy to lend to you.


How much deposit/savings will I need?

This will depend upon the purchase price and the buying scheme that you may be using. The minimum amount that you will need in savings is at least 5% of the value of your new home, although some lenders may require you to have more.


What is a reservation fee?

A reservation fee is paid to secure your chosen property at the price agreed for a fixed period of 6 weeks. This fee is deducted from your deposit on Exchange of Contracts in the 6 week period and is refundable should anything go wrong with your house purchase.


What is conveyancing and who will carry this out on my behalf?

You will need to instruct a Solicitor or Conveyancer to complete the legal paperwork relating to your new property purchase once you are ready to commit to purchase your new home. It is always good to shop around or to use a recommended Solicitor/Conveyancer as fees do vary.


When will I be able to move into my new home?

For a house which is build complete it is possible to move within 4 to 6 weeks. This is obviously subject to receipt of your mortgage offer and all legal paperwork being completed. Should your new home be under construction the same applies as above, though we will advise you of an approximate date upon reservation and keep you advised at regular intervals throughout the build process.


Will I be able to have a look around my new home before legal completion?

Yes. You will be invited to a home demonstration, where we will show you the workings of your home. Every care will have been taken to ensure the highest standard of finish; therefore this is not for you to carry out a detailed inspection of the whole property, although anything significant that you do notice will be attended to.


What warranty is available with my new home?

You will receive a 6 year warranty with your new home which guarantees the build quality and structure of your new home. Together with a 2 years builders obligation responsibility for the maintenance of any major defects which may occur during this time.


Who do I contact if I have an emergency in my home?

Upon legal completion we shall issue you with a list of emergency telephone numbers, just in case!

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